Alwan CMYK Optimizer ECO
Information and Trial Kit

Ron Ellis Consulting LLC

Click here for your trial of a tool that is guaranteed to:

-      Reduces makeready times dramatically

-      Reduces ink costs by 20-30%

-      Provides greater print stability

-      Can perform advanced tasks such as gamut mapping, auto color adjustment and more.

Brochures and a trial version are available for download:

To read a case study on Alwan CMYK Optimizer: www.freeprocesscontrol.com/Sandy.pdf
To download a brochure about Alwan CMYK Optimizer : www.freeprocesscontrol.com/CMYK_Optimizer-en.pdf
To see Powerpoint showing example results: www.freeprocesscontrol.com/Webinar_automation_Alwan.pdf

Email Ron Ellis or call 603-498-4553 to learn more and activate your trial.


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