Steve Smiley,

Hall of Fame Recipient No. 5

April 2010

Steve Smiley, currently of Vertis, has been inducted into the FPC Hall of Fame for April 2010.

A Tireless  Advocate of Standards
Steve has worked extensively to create and propote standards across many segments of the graphic arts industry.

About Steve
Steve has spent over 30 years working in the print industry.
He has been involved in standards development for years. He has helped deveop GRACoL, SWOP, and worked on data sets for flexo and other print processes. Currently Steve is the chair of the Print Properties  and Colormetric Working Group, as well as chair of Ghent Work Group Color Working Group. He is a member of the TC130 and serves as the US Flexographic  Representative in WG 3 for Graphic Technologies and WG4 for media and materials.

Steve has worked at Vertis for the past 20 years. He lives with his family in Texas.

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