Erwin Widmer,

Hall of Fame Recipient No. 2

December 2009

Erwin Widmer, Managing Director, UGRA, has been inducted into the FPC Hall of Fame for December 2009.

Erwin and UGRA
Erwin has tirelessly traveled the globe, spreading the word abut UGRA, and the need for standards and process control.

About Erwin
Erwin has worked as Director of UGRA since 2003. Prior to that he was employed by System Brunner as a project manager.  He has held positions as Vice President of Vogt/Schild-Habegger Medien AG, a large printing concern, as well as a project manager for EMPA. Erwin started out as a prepress operator and is a graduate of University of Applied Science for Management and Research in the Printing Industry. His background includes experience in photography, silk screen printing, gravure printing, label printing and offset printing.

For more information about Erwin and UGRA visit the website at UGRA.

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