Don Hutcheson,

Hall of Fame Recipient No. 1

December 2009

Don Hutcheson, Inventor of G7, has been inducted into the FPC Hall of Fame for December 2009.

Don and G7
While chair of GRACoL, Don invented G7, integrating it with the now well known G7 versions of GRACoL and SWOP. He supervised building of the GRACoL 2006 dataset from a number of pressruns, while building upon ISO ink and print characteristics with an eye towards international unity. While doing so he shared his calibration methods. The resulting G7 method and aims provided momentum and have been adopted by a majority of US printers. He also created a team of trained G7 Experts (as well as a cottage industry made up of  his competitors.)

About Don
Don runs his own consulting business called HutchColor. For many years he has educated users and developed tools such as his famous targets and color utilities. He developed algorithms for inkjet proofing, as well as the the DuPont HyperColor HiFi System. Don is from New Zealand, where he completed a five year  apprenticeship in prepress. He has a dry sense of humor, is very precise and meticulous. We think he is both brilliant, and pretty funny.

For more information about Don visit his website at HutchColor.

By the way - he also developed the Curve software that put control of press curves
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